Who we are – Directory



Name Title Voice Mail E-Mail
Casey Forbes President CF@VintWine.com
Darren Wyville Vice President DW@VintWine.com
Sales and Marketing
Tricia Phelan Director of Marketing 440.287.9841 T.Phelan@VintWine.com
Mike Campo Marketing Manager 440.287.9232 M.Campo@VintWine.com
Adam Nagel Marketing Manager 614.783.1261 A.Nagel@VintWine.com
Andy Poffenbaugh Key Account Manager 614.876.2580 A.Poffenbaugh@VintWine.com
John Constantine Sales Support 440.287.9839 J.Constantine@VintWine.com
Bob Tyler Brands AM – Cle-E 440.287.9347 B.Tyler@VintWine.com
Mike Costas Brands AM – Cle-W 216.905.9007 M.Costas@VintWine.com
Dave Lait Brands AM – A-C-Y 216.335.7113 D.Lait@VintWine.com
Jay Valerio Brands AM – CIN-DAY 614.334.2050 J.Valerio@VintWine.com
Joshua Lynch Brands AM – Central Ohio 614.560.6722 J.Lynch@VintWine.com
Tracey Keenan Estates AM – NE Ohio 440.498.4640 T.Keenan@VintWine.com
Laura Landoll Estates AM – S.Ohio 513.703.1994 L.Landoll@VintWine.com 
Chris Wheeler Estates AM – Central Ohio 614.774.5540 C.Wheeler@VintWine.com
Lee Simms Key  Account Manager 440.759.8283 L.Simms@VintWine.com
Support and Office
Steve Gifford GM Central & Southern Ohio S.Gifford@VintWine.com
Michelle Geer Office Manager / Solon MG@VintWine.com
Linda Wallace Office Manager / Columbus LAW@VintWine.com
Stephanie Perry Office Manager / West Chester SP@VintWine.com
Will Nadzam Director of Purchasing WN@VintWine.com
Aissa Adams Pricing Coordinator AA@VintWine.com
Greg Hannahs Buyer GH@VintWine.com
Cory Cavanaugh Buyer C.Cavanaugh@VintWine.com
Louis Kastelic Director of Accounting and HR L.Kastelic@VintWine.com
Mark Bett Operations Manager / Columbus MB@VintWine.com
Jim Favret Operations Manager / West Chester JF@VintWine.com
Ann Marie Plymak Purchasing Assistant AMP@VintWine.com
Mike Dougherty Buyer MD@VintWine.com
Chargebacks Charge Backs Distribution  E-mail Chargebacks@VintWine.com
Ray Buckley Cleveland   RB@VintWine.com
Matt Zirdarsic Cleveland MZ@VintWine.com
Cheryl Froggatt Columbus CLF@VintWine.com
Andrea Hannah Columbus AH@VintWine.com