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February 27th, 2012


IL Molino Vineyards

When Neil and Maria Empson arrived in Milan in 1970, Italy was not known for making quality wine. The country’s prestige was built on large quantities of cheap bulk wine. Neil and Maria soon discovered an overwhelming number of beautiful wines that had never left the country Рin fact, most of them had never left the borders of the towns that they were produced in. The Empsons knew the world would discover these great wines sooner rather than later, so in 1972 Empson Selections was formed.

They established strong friendships with their growers and became a driving influence of the Super Tuscan revolution in the 1980s. Neil and Maria Empsons have spent nearly 40 years promoting Italian wine and are still at the forefront of developments; constantly adding exciting new producers to an unparalleled portfolio.

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I assist and train new and seasoned account representatives with field work, one-on-one sessions, and printed materials. Event planning and promotion, social media.Implement programs for national and regional on-premise accounts as well as new account development. Sake Specialist as well as Brand Manager. Specialties: Multi-tasking, Sales, Sakes, Fine wines. Understanding of chain, independent, casual and fine dining , as well as chain and independent retail.

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